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public service announcement

I'm not sure when basic life skills stopped being passed down from parent to child, but I would guess it was some time around the disintegration of sharply defined class lines. I have been noticing lately that many, many people do not know that they are meant to do some snipping on new clothes. You know that basting stitch that holds the back venting flap of your overcoat closed? It is not meant as a useful or decorative stitch - its sole job is to hold the flap closed while the coat hangs on the rack waiting for you to buy it.  Once purchased, snip that sucker off! Don't be the guy sporting this weird butt gape! Snip all your vents - coats, suit jackets, pencil skirts - be free!  Look like you know what you're doing when you dress yourself. And don't forget the stitched closed pockets - if it is a basting stitch, that pocket is meant to be an actual pocket.  Snip the stitches and start stashing your belongings. Last, but not least - if there is

okanagan fest of ale - bigger and better for 2020

25 th Annual Okanagan Fest of Ale  - Major Expansion The Okanagan Fest of Ale Society is thrilled to announce the expansion of the Okanagan Fest of Ale in 2020! In celebration of the 25 th Anniversary, the Okanagan Fest of Ale will be hosted at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre AND the South Okanagan Events Centre on April 17 & 18. The Fest of Ale is taking things back to ’96 and “Kickin’ It Old School” in celebration of the very first Fest of Ale 25 years ago! This year, there will be over 25% more breweries and cideries than last year with 90 beverage vendors at the biggest beer festival the Okanagan has ever seen. “This is another record-breaking number of participants for us” says John Cruickshank, Okanagan Fest of Ale Society President.  “Of the participating breweries, many will be offering new seasonal releases, collaborations and beers created especially for the festival.  The group is a nicely balanced mix of returning favourites, new, and soon to be up and

chocolate and beer - together as god intended