tactical nuclear penguin

oh brewdog!  what a fabulous thing it is that you went above and beyond and brewed the 32% tactical nuclear penguin!

oh firefly!  what a fabulous thing it was to do to let a group of us taste the precious nectar that is the tactical nuclear penguin!

at 32% its just dandy to share a bottle of the tnp between 13 people!  especially with a $94.75 price tag per bottle!

what to say about the once-strongest beer in the world?  well, it looks and smells like sherry in the glass.  there's no carbonation and its mighty thick stuff.  a very boozy nose with definite flavour pulled from the oak barrels it aged in.  the first sip is straight booze.  on the second the chocolate notes come through.  it would make a great aperitif or dessert wine.  but make no mistake - its a beer.

did i like it?  yes i did.
would i buy a bottle?  probably not.  its outrageously (although justifiably) expensive and i'd want to share it between several people again.  there's no way i'd want the whole bottle to myself!
am i glad i got to taste it?
omg!  it was a beer geek dream come true!!
and this is how i know i truly am a big ole beer geek...

damned 32% though... i meant to bring the bottle home and add it to my beer geekery collection, but i got a little tipsy at the tasting and totally forgot.  thank dog i got me some photos though!


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