beer tasting

i have been preparing all week for a beer tasting that goes at 4:30 today
(wish me luck!)
my office is holding it as a kick-off to the annual united way fundraising campaign
and i gotta say, when planning a beer tasting, it's great to have minions!
all i had to do for the tasting was pick the beers and do a presentation about them
benton brothers did all the cheese and charcuterie pairings for me, the committee ordered the beer, the tables, the food and sent out the invitations
leaving me to focus on the beers and coming up with tasting notes and information about each

i am doing a very basic guided tasting of five beers, paired with cheese and charcuterie
followed by a self-led tasting (with provided tasting notes) rounding out the evening

for the guided tasting i am aiming to do a basic introduction to beer styles
the method of tasting beer (appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel)
and the basics of pairing food with these beers
i have chosen to go with five basic beer styles: lager, pale ale, amber ale, stout and ipa
and have gone with five local b.c. beers that are solidly within the bjcp style guidelines

for the second half of the evening i chose some more interesting beers
several different styles, and several interesting twists on styles we're covering in the guided tour
(anchor christmas ale, anchor steam, chimay grande reserve blue, dab original, deschutes chasin' freshies, howe sound king heffy, lindemans kriek, moon under water year one red wheat, parallel 49 crane kick sorachi ace lager, whistler chief chipotle red ale)
for the guided tasting i am beginning with granville island lager
which benton bros. has paired with Mont Jacob (Semi firm, washed rind) & Czech Beer Salami
followed by bridge brewing pale ale
paired with Red Leicestershire (Aged & Sweet) & Elk & Juniper Salami
then cannery's anarchist amber
paired with Idiazabal (Smoked hard sheep) & Chorizo Rioja
then old yale's sasquatch stout
paired with Bleu Benedictin & Duck Rillettes
and rounding out the guided portion will be driftwood's fat tug
paired with 4 yr Artisan Gouda & Saucisson Sec


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