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sad day - beer pioneer ed mcnally dies
whether you're a fan of big rock beers or not, raise a glass to this man, who in the 80s took a leap of faith and went up against the big boys
every year at the vancouver folk fest i sure do enjoy me a snake bite made of half traditional ale and half cider
cheers, ed!

signs you're a beer aficionado

east bay brewery boom

lynne mcilwee aka hops canary writes open letter to bc place suggesting they are losing $690k a year in beer sales by not offering craft beer

i was gifted with a bottle of dead frog's new release, big stump
it is a spruce golden ale
and it is delicious!
sweet and smooth, golden and nicely balanced with a fruity spruce hint
but don't just take my word for it, jan zeschky agrees!

more on craft beer in mexico
independents take on the giants


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