gumboot salute

if only i wasn't going to be out of town this weekend
(or better yet, if they'd picked a different date!)

YBC Yaletown Brewing Company

‎"The Gumboot Salute" is November 10th, 11th and 12th! Its a celebration of beer, our culture and you our valued guest. We love you so much, that we are selling you massive 32oz "boots" (for $10) to drink out of. You can pre-buy the boots now, but they are only filled on the "Gumboot Salute".

Included in the minimal $10 price tag is a free fill on every day of the Salute. Thats 96oz for free, or ...6 of our normal sized beers! After your one free daily fill, we fill up the boots for our regular prices, ultimately making it a 2 for 1 deal! This, plus an amazing Feature Sheet that week showcasing our chefs creative genius (in a sinful marriage of beer and fresh ingredients). Do not be denied fun, do not be denied "The Gumboot Salute"!

Lighthouse Brewing Company

Today is Yagger's Downtown Restaurant and Sports Bar 6th year anniversary! So come on down and enjoy some pints of Race Rocks and Riptide in celebration of 6 great years! Festivities begin at 6pm! See you there!..

Thursday means Yaletown Brewing is Making It Real (Ale). This afternoon, they will tap a cask of Cascadia Brown Ale, 4pm.
The New Oxford will have a cask of Mission Springs Brewing Company Espresso Stout tonight at 5:30.


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