last night was allll about driftwood's sartori ipa
the fresh-hopped deliciousness was on cask at st. augustine's
it sold out in 38 minutes
i was a glutton and had two pints of it!
and more nachos than any one person should ever eat in one sitting
(that pre-mexico diet is working out great, thanks for asking)
very happy-making
sad-making was the fact that this was the final cask of the sartori for 2011

but!  in addition to it being cask night, i got a text from my lovely friend sarah, who was visiting the wilds of victoria, telling me that she came across a whole cache of sartori bottles over there
because she is delightful, she is bringing me back a couple
yay!  there will be a bit more sartori in my depressingly grey november!

getting more of a previously-thought-sold-out limited release beer makes me feel like i've pulled one over on the universe
i feel powerful!
need a favour from me?  now would be the time to ask!


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