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you'll live longer!

another best beers list
this one is the best 365 in the world
but don't be dismayed when you click the link and the list isn't there
you actually have to pay for the privilege of reading the list
the link is to a blog post by the guy who wrote the list about why he thinks there does so need to be another best of list

if i didn't have a pesky day job
i'd be going to kwantlen college

if you are a camra vancouver member
please go vote for the 2014 best ofs!

arguably the best craft beer joints in vancouver
(i don't like craft at all, so it doesn't make anywhere near my top 10)

victoria beer week events are up!
march 1 - 8, 2014

a spa where you can bathe in beer?
yup, and it's not just any beer, it's dogfish head

great beer ads for tourism portland
like this guy who really likes beer

nordic beer history
ancient grog reborn by dogfish head

parody of hipsters ordering craft beer
you're not this guy are you??

breweries to watch in 2014


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