stupid cleanse

beer friends,
january looks like it has been a stellar month so far for craft beer in vancouver
but then, it always looks that way to me when it's january and i'm doing a stupid cleanse
day 16 of 21 and i'm still going strong
i may shoot the next person who invites me to a beer pairing dinner or a cask night though!
shoot them a snide email or a dirty look, of course, i am canadian afterall

so why do i do this to myself every year?
1.  it really is kinda fun to be holier than thou, at least for a couple of weeks
2.  some part of me really believes this is good for me and maybe, just maybe, will balance out the mean things i do to myself the rest of the year
3.  january becomes a "me" time - less going out, more getting stuff done
4.  i often go to mexico in february and it sure is easier to fit into my swim trunks if i cleanse first!
5.  everything tastes so much better after taking a break from crap and getting back to basics - except the fake crappy stuff.  that just tastes awful and is easy to stay away from for a couple of months.

which beer will be my first post-cleanse?
since i will be breaking my cleanse in cancun, mexico
i figure it'll be something macro and only somewhat satisfying
but it will be cold and i'll be totally warm while i'm drinking it!
(the next day i'll be in playa del carmen, drinking at club de la cerveza, so good beer will happen for me, never fear!)

which food do i miss the most on my cleanse?
cheese!  so i will be ordering something con queso for my first meal
(and probably most other meals for the rest of the vacation - bring on the oaxaca cheese!)

how is my spanish?
not too horrible - i can ask for any number of beers
then tell you whether i liked them or not, including whether i am enchanted by them
and i can order the food i want to go with it
AND, if people speak slowly enough, i can even understand a bit of what they're telling me!


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