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following on my naming a brewery bit for cbc radio, read about how ben coli came up with the name for his brewery and what it means to him in this first part of nine in scout magazine about opening up his own belgian-inspired brewery

23 american beers to try before you die

20 belgian beers to try before you die

the ultimate top five list - the top 5 beers in the world

brewdog takes all the angst out of deciding which beer to drink tonight
provided of course it's brewdog beer you're craving

video of beer pairings for st. paddy's day

interactive chart helps you pick your next beer
(and note in the comments how many people hate pumpkin ales!) is calling all west virginians to lobby the gov't

7 craft beer professionals named james beard award semi-finalists

gigantic ben love video - innovative and tasty beer

yeast van is hopping

bc craft beer industry is hopping


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