brought to you by the good folks at kronenbourg 1664:

Clams, Bacon, Beer with Smoked Blue Cheese Toast
Serves 4
- 3 tablespoons butter
- 3 tablespoons flour
- 1 bottle Kronenbourg 1664
- 1 1/2 cups 35% cream
- 1 cup grated smoked blue cheese
- 2 egg yolks
- 1 baguette
- 4 1/2 inch strips double smoked bacon, cut into cubes
- 1 large shallot, chopped
- 2 pounds clams, soaked in water
- 1 bulb garlic, chopped
- 1/2 bunch flat parsley, roughly chopped
- 1 scallion, chopped
For the Smoked Blue Cheese Toast:
- Melt butter and flour together to create a roux. Cook for 2 minutes on low heat, being careful not to let the roux brown.
- Slowly add half a bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 and cream alternately until thickened, remove from heat and whisk in grated cheese and egg yolks.
- Slice baguette in half and lightly toast under broiler. Remove, spread cheese sauce and return to broiler until browned.
For the Clams:
- In a pot on low heat, render bacon for 10 minutes. Drain excess fat and add shallots, garlic and cook until tender.
- Add clams and the remaining Kronenbourg 1664 to pot. Cover and steam until clams open.
- To serve, reheat bread and garnish clams with scallion and parsley.


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