driftwood sartori

bc craft beer month is in full swing!
the belle of the ball so far is driftwood's sartori harvest ale, a fresh-hopped ipa
sold out of stores the same day it arrived in them
it is the star of several cask nights around vancouver
and one beer-pairing dinner

st. augustine's had a cask of the elusive sartori that sold out in 24 minutes
that was monday
tuesday there was a cask at the cascade room
thursday there was a cask at the alibi room
neither of those casks beat the 24 minute record, but neither lasted very long either

missed out on the sartori both in the bottle and on cask?
well, you've got three more opportunities that i am aware of to get yourself some:

if you're a camra member and you have a ticket for the now sold out harvest fest / bc beer awards at chapel arts on saturday the 13th, you can have some of the members only cask that will be available there

the whip has a cask of sartori on sunday the 14th
tapping at 4, i expect this one will be gone in very short order

the sartori is also one of the driftwood beers being paired with food at biercraft cambie's beer-pairing dinner on october 25th
as of tuesday there were still a couple of tickets available for this event

me, i managed to get two bottles of this ambrosia
one of which i enjoyed on the air on cbc on tuesday evening
and i got some of the alibi cask last night
(thank you nigel for dealing with the slam of people last night with such grace and making sure everyone got some of the cask!)

i plan to be at the whip on the 14th for more
because i just can't get enough of this limited release
it is not a hop monster, even though it weighs in at 75 ibus
the wet-hopping leaves it smooth rather than bitter
and just so very drinkable

when i'm going to crack my second bottle, i'm not sure
its not a beer you want to keep, it needs to be drunk fresh
but i think i'd like to make an occasion out it!


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