instead of going home after my cbc gig last night
like i should have done and been a responsible human
i went to smiley's pub and had me some wonderful cask ale
like an interesting and beer-engaged human

#yvrbeertweetup was having a hopscotch festival precursor
there were five casks on offer, all with whisk(e)y in them
that is a recipe for an intoxicating evening!

two casks were pumpkin ales, two were stouts
the fifth was an ipa
i know we're all very shocked here, but i went with the ipa!
lighthouse provided a marmalade imperial whiskey ipa
using quince and citrus and i can't remember what all else fruits
and a whole 26er of whiskey,
that 9% fruity ipa went down far too easily
i coulda drunk that all night
but fortunately for my head this morning, it ran out pretty quickly!

they're doing the whole thing over again tonight
with different casks
at the bimini in kits
i have my regular beernesday group tonight so i won't be making it out
but it is definitely worth considering if you're not joining me at st. augustine's!

i even won a prize!
which if you know me in person is probably shocking the hell out of you right now
yup, me the luddite and worst tweeter on earth actually managed to tweet the answer to a question first and win two tickets to a hopscotch event
pigs did not fly, but i definitely looked around to make sure they weren't!


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