A Super-Charged Krypton Isotope
November 19th 2012: Phillips' Department of Renegade Science is at it again! Those fearless cowboys of chemistry took our Krypton Rye PA--a long-standing member of the Hop Box IPA mixed pack--and doubled the brewtrons of spicy rye malt and citrus-loaded hops, creating this Imperial Hop-atomic variant.

Just like the Krypton recipe it was based on, Super-Krypton is a great addition to your fortress of solitute, though at 8.5% you may want to invite a friend.

This hop-radiating isotope has a very short half-life and will only be detectable at private craft-focused liquor stores for a limited time. If you'd like to try Super-Krypton on draft, we'll be pouring samples down at the brewery on Thursday December 22nd from 4-6!


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