yaletown brewpub

the cask last night at the yaletown brewpub was saison
word on the street is that it was amazing
me, i filled my boot with ipa
no really, i bought the gumboot salute boot and filled it twice with ipa
even though it was cask night
even though it was stout day
that's just how i roll okay?
(then i went out for fancy dinner and drank prosecco cuz i'm fancy like that!)

tomorrow, i will be pouring at the yaletown for their mini caskival
11 casks
its gonna be fun!
come on down, starting at 11:00
try all 11 casks for $20
or just a few for $2 each

if you already have a boot, bring it and get your first fill free
if you don't already have a boot, get one for $10 filled and $4.50 re-fills
yup, its a great deal
so, i'll see you there, right!?!

here's what their facebook page says:

As part of our now famous "Gumboot Salute" long weekend, here at the Yaletown Brewing Company, we are throwing a little cask event this Saturday!

Doors are opening at 11am, Saturday the 10th of November (this Saturday!), and we are tapping 11 casks of beer, from 11 of your favorite local brewers. The line up includes: Dead Frog, R&B, Storm, Central City, Steam Works, Parallel49, Granville Island, Whistler Brew House, Red Truck, Big Ridge, and of course, your old pals, the Yaletown Brewing Co.

Here's the best part: No admission. Free to get in. Gratis. No cover at the door... It's going to be a 2$ token, for a 6oz pour of your favorite sweet, sweet, freshly tapped, cask conditioned beer. If you've had a gaze in the crystal ball, and see yourself wanting to taste all 11 casks, we've got a special day-pass for you, for all 11 at 20$. (hey... 2 bucks is 2 bucks, right?)

The fine folks with CAMRA will be graciously helping us out for the day, and will have a booth set up, ready to sign you up as a new member, or just run you through the joy of fresh cask beer.

Special guest appearences by many of your favorite local rock-star-brewers.

We figure with the small volume of cask beer, we can probably run about 150 through the doors for the day. These are 1-off beers, you'll never see again. There are Gold Medal winning beers in the line-up, you won't be able to taste locally... This is going to be a great day, to be a beer drinker...

Hope to see you Saturday!


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