red racer girl

central city brewing is looking for a red racer girl to promote its beers
there has been a fair bit of press around their use of a burlesquey pin-up red head on a bicycle as their label icon
me, i think she's awesome!
yes, i worry a little bit that craft beer using a woman for sex appeal to sell their beers could be construed as pandering, and i don't love that they refer to her as a girl when she's obviously a fully-grown woman
so i am very interested to see the direction central city goes in choosing their red racer girl
i am sure that there will be a few cheerleader-types who audition for the role
i hope that the judges choose a woman who knows and loves beer
i think the last thing any self-respecting craft brewery needs is to choose an ambassador based soley on sex-appeal and ignore beer knowledge
and i can't believe that i am the only person out there who thinks that way

one of my friends applied for the job
and frankly, they'd be lucky at central city to have her as the red racer girl
even if they don't choose her, so long as they choose a beer-loving and educated woman for the job i'll look forward to seeing her at events
but i gotta say, if they choose a vapid 20 year old who knows nothing about beer i will think less of them
and might just express that disappointment through choosing other craft beers to drink

here is my friend's application:

Look no further Central City,
I am the Red Racer Girl of your dreams!
I am a feisty red head who is in love with hops and malts! I drink beer for the sheer delight in the craftsmanship behind a great beer! I can work a crowd with my charm and extensive knowledge of craft beer! I have a rockin’ bodacious body and the brains to match! If you want a hot spokesperson that will take pride in your incredible craft beer and make converts of everyone… I AM YOUR WOMAN.
I have been a part of the craft beer industry for years:
· Selling Beer- I worked in the service industry for over 12yrs and took it as a personal challenge to work with every customer to find a beer that suited his or her tastes. I believe I can do this for your company too!
· Tasting Beer- I have attended numerous cask events, beer festivals, breweries and private beer tasting parties and consider myself to be a connoisseur who is able to articulate flavors and accurately describe the components of a good and bad tasting beer.
· Brewing Beer- I am a novice home brewer and have also worked with James at Storm Brewing. I understand the brewing process and the various ingredients used to create a variety of flavors and styles of beer.
· Advocating for Craft Beer- I have been a supporter of CAMRA and take it on in my personal life to discuss the importance around craft beer, supporting local companies and brewers and making changes in the strict BC liquor laws.
It is so important to me to support talented brewers such as Gary and bring their craft beer to the masses. Choosing local quality craft beer makes a difference in everyone’s life. I feel confident that I have the charisma, expertise and enthusiasm to promote your delicious beer to all walks of life. I truly believe there is a beer for everyone!
If you choose me to be the Red Racer Girl you will have a 6ft woman who is lean, athletic and very confident in my body. I have expressive eyes and an infectious laugh that I am not afraid to use to lure in a crowd! I have Viking tattoos, sassy red curly hair and a genuine smile. I’ve been told that I am approachable and have a quick wit that can engage and keep the attention of people. I have a background in the theater and can rock any costume, get into character and appeal to my audience. Not to mention, I can certainly ride a bike! Basically, I am the full package!
Craft beer is my passion and Red Racer I.P.A. is my “go-to” beer- the more hops the better, I say! As your Red Racer Girl I will work hard for you to promote, educate and sell your incredible craft beer.
I don’t need to be the “one who got away”, choose me, and your dreams will come true.


  1. awesome resume..... i vote for you !!!!!!!!


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