beer, delicious beer

i have been back on the ambrosia for six days now
and i have yet to extol its virtues here
bad, bad beer geek!

let's work backwards through my past six days
last night was beernesday at st. augustine's
where i enjoyed a taster flight of howe sound total eclipse of the hops (love this citrusy imperial), hoyne's devil's dream ipa (love this too!), moon under water's victorious weizenbock (cloudy, not too sure about chocolate and wheat together, the banana notes were interesting, and i really enjoyed the new zealand hops) and creepy uncle dunkel (whose vanilla notes were subtle enough for me to enjoy this lovely lager), plus pints of ninkasi total domination ipa (by far the maltiest of my ipas of the evening) and driftwood's fat tug (always a nice way to end an evening)

clicky clicky for jan zeschky's review of the hoyne devil's dream

tuesday night was cask night at the railway club
where i had a lovely jameson-infused stout by central city
not too whiskeyey for me, it was smooth and rich and most enjoyable

monday night was the ninkasi brewing tap take-over at portland craft
where i enjoyed a sampler of all the hoppy goodness:  believer double red ale, total domination ipa, tricerahops double ipa and renewale esb

sunday was the superbowl where i imbibed in beer and football and junk food - yay!
- moon under water's potts pils, which i found to be outstanding!  so imminently drinkably delicious.  i must get more of this! unfiltered, it wasn't sedimenty, just a little cloudy.  at 38 ibus enough hops to please me, but not enough to offend lager drinkers.  i want one right now!
- epic brewing's armageddon ipa, which is a damned fine ipa.  worth the $10 price tag.  i look forward to trying the hop zombie soon too. 

saturday was the vanbrewers agm
and tasting afterwards
we also made it out to the princeton pub and drank them out of parallel 49 gypsy tears
and the wise club, who we also drank out of gypsy tears
and that's all i'm going to say on that subject

friday was my official first day back to drinking
(i caved and had fat tug on thursday night - i am a baaaaaad girl, sue me)
i had a couple of central city ipas at work
followed by the american brewing tasting at legacy liquor store where i sampled the delightful blonde ale, the delicious breakaway ipa and the surprisingly smokey stout
followed by a visit to tap & barrel for more red racer and fat tug
rounded out with a stop at st. augustine's for deschutes hop henge experimental ipa
a very nice way to start back into beer drinking!

i really love beer!


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