legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Double Trouble Brewing Hops & Robbers IPA - $5.60
Two Ontarians had a dream and this is the result: a clear straw-coloured IPA with notes of pine, herbs and tropical fruits on the nose with more of the same on the palate. Ringing in at 50 IBU's, this is a true east coast treasure.
HaandBryggeriet 'Norwegian Wood' - $8.95
This little treat comes to you all the way from Norway. Brewed in traditional Norwegian style, this brew boasts smokiness all the way through with a touch of juniper for a little pep.
Swans Legacy Ale - $7.25
Brewed to commemorate the legacy of Michael Williams and his ongoing support of the arts and Marine Sciences at UVic, this smooth, complex barley wine-style ale has aromas of orange peel, biscuits and molasses with lots of malt to back it up.
i love the hops and robbers - best part of my trip to onterrible was getting to drink it!  and its only 50 ibus... crazy!
looking very much forward to the arrival of their new prison break pilsner in vancouver as well


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