Black Jackal - An Imperial Espresso Double Shot
February 12th 2013: Coffee stouts have always held a special place in our hearts as one of the three original Phillips brews, and this year's Imperial version--brewed in collaboration with our friends at 2% Jazz Coffee Co.--is an 8% 650mL double shot!

Pouring a deep black earth colour, rich roasted coffee flavours and hints of dark chocolate guide your palate through a java-laden journey. Methodically crafted with only the best local espresso, this one-eyed jackal is no wildcard.

Available at finer craft-friendly private liquor stores for a limited time only.

We'd also like to invite you to pop by the brewery on February 14th from 4-6, to treat your valentine to a special draft tasting of this coffee infused collaboration. Sam from 2% Jazz will also be on hand to celebrate the magic of brewing with barley and beans.


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