love letter in a bottle

new from bomber brewing, the choqlette porter is the perfect fall beer
deep, dark and delicious
oh, and chocolatey!

CHOQLETTE PORTER: a beer lover pays homage to his wife by taking one of her favourite things - chocolate - and marrying it to one of his own.  And while the bottle's l
label denotes cherished pets and personal mementos, his real gift to her is inside:  three
chocolate additions - chocolate malt, cocoa powder in the mash, and cocoa nibs in the
fermentor - make this roasty, easy-drinking porter über chocolatey. It's a declaration
not only to her, but to chocolate aficionados and porter drinkers alike: prospective lovers,
don't write poetry - bottle up your love!
About Choqlette Porter:
Appearance: Dark brown with hints of red and purple. 
Aroma & flavour: Chocolate malts, cocoa, and nibs give this porter an impressive chocolate flavour and aroma. Aramis hops from France add a mild floral aroma under
the roastiness.
Mouthfeel: Light-medium body with medium-high carbonation.
Choqlette Porter is available now in kegs, 650ml bottles,
and on tap in the Bomber Brewing tasting room.
ABV = 5.5%
Original Gravity = 1.055
Bitterness = 18 IBU
Colour = 30 SRM
About Bomber Brewing:
Located on the eastside, Bomber Brewing is one of Vancouver's up and coming
new craft breweries.  Bomber Brewing has a beer for everyone.


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