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this week's link love is all about ab-inbev buying 10 barrel brewing

wall street journal


beer advocate

the jax beer guy

yahoo finance


washington beer blog

bend bulletin

the portland mercury

portland business journal
and related story from may

me, i think that it's a shame when craft breweries sell themselves to duopolies like ab-inbev
sure it's a good move for the owners to sell to the big guys
but it rarely means the beer will remain the same artisinal product
look at goose island
that was supposed to be brewed small scale and only change its distribution after being taken over by ab-inbev
but i haven't been totally impressed by their beer that came my way recently (the ipa that i had in vegas as it was the closest to craft choice at the bellagio)
so colour me annoyed at 10 barrel for taking away one of my favourite ipas, the apocalypse
(which is currently a 96 on


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