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...Four bands in fact, played at Pike's big birthday. New Orleans jazz led the way, with members of Tuba Luba kicking off the "Second World's Shortest, Non-motorized, Uphill Parade" from Copperworks Distillery (co-founded by Pike's first brewer, Jason Parker) to Pike's brewery entrance on Post Alley. The first "World's Shortest Non-motorized, Uphill Parade"' took place 25 years earlier. To pay homage to our little brewery,
Charles and Rose Ann, who was born in New Orleans, pounded the pavement with some old fashioned alley-dancing as the band played on.
300 intrepid beer lovers paraded along thetwo block route that began across from the Great Wheel on Alaskan Way, withthe toot of a tuba, the honk of a horn, and the beat of a big bass drum, heading East on University, across Western,up the Harbor Steps, left on Post Alley for a block, under the neon "POST ALLEY" sign, and finally arrived at Pike, ready for a toast!

Draft Double IPA Released November12, 2014
In the late 18th century, English brewers were able to export ale to India, and other parts of the British Empire, by adding more hops, a natural preservative. Humulus lupulus (a.k.a. hops) also added flavor and aroma. This was the heyday of India Pale Ale, but by the mid 1900s, the hop-intensive style was almost lost. Because Washington State is America's hop capital, breweries in the Pacific N.W. helped revive the IPA style in the 1980s. The trend
spread nationally and ultimately influenced beers in England, and even Belgium. The saying that "more is better" led U.S. brewers to double hop these beers, and the Double IPA was born.
Pike was selected to brew the commemorative ale for the first Seattle Beer Week in May of 2009. We chose to brew a Double IPA that we now call PIKE DOUBBLE HOPULUS IPA.
Pike Doubble Hopulus opens with a bouquet of herbal flowers, followed by the dry, crisp, evergreen, and citrus character of hops on the palate; the citrus and pine overtones are balanced with smooth, biscuity, earthy, malt flavors. This big, delicious Double IPA is dry-hopped twice, and unfiltered, to preserve all its beautiful hop character and aroma. 4.5# of hops per barrel!
ABV 8.0% · IBU 90 · O.G. 1.076


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