cask nights

no photos because i was a bonehead last week and kept forgetting my camera!

tuesday night at the railway club featured granville island's belgian wit
me, i don't like a belgian, so i just had a wee dram to taste
very yeasty, very coriandery
couldn't get past those to the orange that i am assured was underneath them!
definitely a wit
pleased the wit lovers in the crowd
gave me an excuse to have the central city esb!

thursday night at yaletown brewpub featured the seasonal esb dry-hopped with cascades
i was coming down with a cold by this point in the week so can only be so reliable on taste and smell!
but the hopes made it through my stuffed up head
and danced on my palate
which is bloody impressive - two thumbs up!

saturday at the railway club featured a cask-off between esbs from central city and hopworks
the portland timber's army were in town for some footie action
and they brought the hub cask up with them
i love me some hopworks, but found the cask to be quite thin
now mind you, my cold was in full force on saturday, so again, take me with a grain of salt
gary's esb made it through my stuffiness and made me a very happy camper
even if i was a mouth-breather all afternoon!

i hope i didn't share any of my germs
i'd hate to be the typhoid mary of the craft beer scene!


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