pat's pub

12 craft taps at pat's pub?
anti-hipster heaven!

well, i'm not sure the 12 taps really all qualify as craft
but i'm not going to quibble with a place that's trying to reinvent itself through craft beer
they're trying!

and, you know, they do brew and can their own lager on-site
and its pretty good
no really, it is
try it, you'll like it!
dude, its $3.50 a pint, $13 a pitcher and only $12 for a six-pack to go

i'm not going to lie to you
it was a couple of weeks ago that i stopped in at pat's pub on a tuesday night around 9
there was no one else there
which just meant the bartender gave us lots of attention and back story on the lager
it also means that i do not have total recall of what's on those 12 taps...
thank goodness they list them on the website!!

cannery:  ipa and blackberry porter
r & b:  red devil pale ale
russell:  cream ale, wee angry scotch
tree brewing:  cut-throat pale ale
big rock:  traditional ale, grasshopper wheat, rock creek cider
pat's pub:  lager
molson:  canadian
and a rotating tap

ooh, and they do off-sales too
of all the big rock line
and the cannery ipa, anarchist amber and naramata brown


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