cask nights

i broke my camera at oktoberfest...
so no photos of recent casks

last week's rail ale tuesday at the railway club featured vanilla bean oatmeal stout from r&b brewing
i was scared by the "vanilla" aspect
but it was subtle and barely discernable - which made me happy!
delicious!  made having to go to the dentist beforehand feel like it happened to somebody else!

last week's cask at the yaletown brewpub was an unadulterated nagila pale ale
and it was delicious
it really is quite nice to have an unadulterated cask from time to time!
and happy birthday to matt!

this week i will be heading over to the new oxford on tuesday evening because driftwood has gifted them with a cask of the sartori fresh-hopped ipa
and i simply cannot miss that!


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