tasting notes

not that i'm behind on my notes or anything...
here's the past two week's worth of beernesday tastings at st. augustine's

september 21, 2011
taster #1
elysian night owl pumpkin ale - 5.9%  brewed with 7 1/2 pounds of pumpkin per barrel and spiked in conditioning with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice
rogue ales chatoe good chit pilsner - 5%  made with rogue farm barley that is floor-malted in small batches
crannog bogtrotter brown ale - 4.8%  a nutty, sweet brown ale with a touch of toffee in the flavour
red truck ipa - wasn't on the menu

i found the bogtrotter to be a "nice little brown - easy drinking"
the night owl was pumpkin pieish, not overly spiced... "pretty good, but i don't think i'm ready for fall beers"
the pilsner was practically an ipa, so of course i loved it!
the red truck ipa was "quite nice"

taster #2
russell cranberry wheat ale - 4.7%  we take an already damn fine wheat ale and add cranberries during fermentation!
red truck pilsner - 5%  the light gold beer has a floral taste with a clean finish, a light malt sweetness and a sharp, herbal, hoppy bitterness
skookum old tom ipa - 6%  an ipa style balanced with a belgian malt.  cheers!
tree brewing hophead ipa - 5.8%  the hophead has a nice full body and mouthfeel, without the hoppiness being too overpowering.  a fine ale all around

i found the cranberry wheat to be sour as hell - practically a lambic - and that meant i loved it!
the red truck pilsner was too lagery for me - couldn't find those hops they spoke of
i love the olde tom - its going on the current top 10 list!!
the hophead is a lovely ipa, but came in second to the olde tom, by a fair margin

september 28, 2011
central city dunkel - 5%  a traditional bavarian dark lager, malty with only a gentle hop accent for very little hop bitterness
moylans imperial hopsickle - 9.2%  enjoy the blast of fresh cascade, simcoe, columbus, ahtanum, and chinook hops as they stimulate the taste buds in a truly imperial fashion.  pucker up!
rogue mcrogue scotch ale - 8.2%  deep copper in colour, caramel aroma, rich malty flavour with a roated malt background
storm brewing black plague stout - 8%  an irish-style dry stout brewed only in small batches to ensure the freshness so paramount to such an intensely roasted beer

the black plague is definitely roasty, i recall liking this one a lot more in the past
the mcrogue has nice malts and subtle, but apparent, hops
the dunkel had enough hops to keep it from being too sweet - very drinkable
the imperial ipa is a hoppy bastard, very much on the bitter side and oh so boozey - i might just be over the imperial ipas, give me my hops, but give them to me a little less harshly please!


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