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a first for craft beer - it outsells the big boys in, of course, portland!

the flickr account for the great vegas beerfest
no pics of me, alas, but great shots of the event
and a review of the festival
(mine is coming... eventually...)

jan zeschky's rundown of this year's hip hop themed vcbw
(that's vancouver craft beer week for those not yet in the know)

joe wiebe gives you the past 30 years in craft beer history in british columbia
and you can listen to him on the radio too!

another new brewery opens in the lower mainland!
white rock beach beer company, as reviewed by mike's craft beer

dimpled pint glasses are making a comeback according to the bbc
(i didn't notice they were missing in vancouver - plenty of places still use them... what does that say about vancouver - are we ahead of the curve or so far behind the world caught up to us again?)
my fave quote from the story:  "There are so many beards in Dalston, and they do love a dimple."

the seven worst types of people... on a beer forum

a canadian takes the record for running a beer mile
my friend is named james neilson, and he runs, and he drinks beer
but he assures me he is not the james nielsen record-holder in question
i kinda hoped it was a type in the name... i'd like to claim a champion as a friend


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link love

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