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happy long weekend!!

what some other folks have to say about the upcoming vancouver craft beer week:
joe wiebe
jan zeschky

vancouver patios that will be open until midnight this summer

how to talk like a beer snob
a primer for beginners

gcbf tickets on sale july 19th
for the festival on september 5 and 6, 2014

13 things you may not know about hops

and a new product:

We are pleased to announce that our BC Hopped Whisky is now available.
Barrel aged for five years, this whisky offers a well-balanced flavour that starts with spicy malt notes and finishes with a dry and hoppy kick.
The release is the first 'Hopped Whisky' of its kind in Canada and with only 300 bottles available we are expecting to sell out quickly.
The idea behind the 'Final Proof Master Distiller Series' was to allow the creative nature of our Distiller Peter von Hahn to develop a series of small batch specialty and unique whiskies that we will release over time.
The whisky is available to purchase direct from either of our two distilleries (Vernon or Kelowna), online at our website.
42% alc./vol. - 750ml - $64.95 including all taxes


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