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Cannery Brewing Company ART-isanal Series
Cannery has created a new line up of limited release beers; blending the enthusiasm of craft beer with the excitement of passionate artists and photographers. The beer in the bottle will be as unique and impressive as the art on the label. Read more about the brewery. 
Limited quantities, only available for Private Stores.
This "Abbey Style" Belgian Dark Strong Ale focuses on the unique flavours created by the teamwork of Belgian yeast and Candi sugar. A simple background of Pilsner, ESB, Special B, and Carfa malts bow to the shocking flavours of the yeast and sugar. 
Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Alc./Vol: 9.0%
12 x 650ml
Price: $7.50 /bottle
SKU# 506865

The Okanagan Valley is typically warm and friendly but what people don't get to experience is that it can also be strong and dark. Throughout the summer months the valley is hit by severe thunderstorms that leave most people in awe. L'Orage Noir means black storm or black thunderstorm to be more correct. The picture on the label is of a lightening storm over Lake Okanagan at night. This strong dark ale is a dedication to Mother Nature and all her fury.

from odd society spirits



This Wallflower Reaches Mighty New Heights with Oak

Odd Society Spirits Releases Limited Edition Oaken Gin

DSC02167Vancouver B.C., October 16, 2014— Odd Society Spirits is set to launch a limited release of Wallflower Oaken Gin on Friday, October 17, 2014. Aged in American white oak rye casks for 5 months, this specialty spirit is sure to wet any gin aficionado's appetite. With just over 300 bottles available, Odd Society Spirits' Oaken Gin is guaranteed to sell out quickly.

The oak softens the floral notes of its Wallflower comrade while awakening bright citrus flavours with hints of caramel and offering a subtle woody undertone. An extremely versatile gin, it is recommended to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with tonic or incorporated into a classic cocktail like the Negroni. Oaken Gin is available in 375ml bottles and priced at $28 at the distillery (prices will vary at private liquor stores throughout Vancouver). 

In honour of the Wallflower Oaken Gin's debut, Odd Society Spirits will be celebrating at the distillery's cocktail lounge from 1PM - 9PM on Friday, October 17 with featured Oaken Gin cocktails, plus the Tacofino Food Truck will be joining the festivities at 5:30PM. 


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