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this one is a fundraiser too!

In celebration of BC Craft Beer Month and National Fire Prevention Week, we created Steamworks Heroica Red Ale.
For the month of October, every Steamworks brew sold will benefit the BC Firefighters Charities and the BC Burn Fund.
It's your last 8 days to support your local heroes through Steamworks Heroica!
Find Heroica in 650mL bottles, on-tap and in growlers at Steamworks Brewpub or Steamworks Brewery & Taproom in Burnaby while quantities last.
"A tribute to the every day local heroes in our communities and lives."

Spend the night with the Steamworks brew crew and local heroes in support of the BC Burn Fund and Fire Prevention Week.
On Thursday, November 27th, 2014 we'll feed you and three friends delicious locally made chilli from the Burnaby Firefighters to pair with our Steamworks Heroica Red Ale and other steam-powered brews.
By the end of the night you'll know your way around our new Burnaby brewery, learn about the great work of heroes in our community, and leave with great memories (and a full but happy belly).

Steamworks Brewery | Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604.620.7250


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