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from dead frog, the weeping reaper blood orange helles bock
which they so nicely provided me a sample of
and it's good!  i really enjoyed this alternative to pumpkin beers, not just as an alternate but for it's own malty orange self!

With the death of summer comes the celebration of autumn and the harvest, a traditional time to gather resources for the dormant winter months. It's also when the spirit world becomes more active. On All Hallows' Eve, ghosts disguised as beggars may come knocking at your door asking for food or money. Turn them away and you risk being cursed or haunted. A jack-o'-lantern placed at your door or in a window will ward off evil spirits. If you dress up as a ghoul, you may trick the Grim Reaper into thinking you are not of the living and avoid his harvesting your soul. 

Our Weeping Reaper Blood Orange Helles Bock is a strong ale designed for the transition from summer to winter—stronger for the cooler nights, yet lighter bodied and more carbonated than a hefty winter warmer. A clean-tasting, malt-forward lager with orange notes, the Weeping Reaper is a fresh seasonal alternative for those not enamoured with the orange autumn gourd.


A warm golden lager with a splash of citrus and slight caress of fruity hop flavour and aroma. Premium European malts and hops result in a brew that's light in colour but not in body, with a perfectly balanced finish.

Steve's Inspiration

Rather than create yet another pumpkin beer, I wanted to develop a brew that was appropriate for the fall but with wider appeal. In Germany, Bockbier is a popular strong lager brewed for cooler times of the year. These can range from light-coloured Maibocks to dark, very strong Doppelbocks and Eisbocks. Since the weather here is not yet that cold, I thought a lighter-coloured Helles Bock would be more suitable, even though it is traditionally released in May. These are not widely brewed in Canada or the US, so I decided to brew up a North American version. And to have a little fun with it, being close to Halloween, I added some blood orange which is in season during fall/winter.

o       Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast, blood orange
o       Malts: Pilsner, Vienna, Munich
o       Hops: Northern Brewer, Hallertau
o       IBU: 26
o       ABV: 7%
o       Suggested serving temperature: 12-14°C
o       Recommended glass: Becher, dimpled mug, Pilsner glass
o       Suggested food pairing: Duck à l'orange, lechon, marmalade-glazed ham, caramel flan
Dead Frog's unpasteurized and preservative-free, limited release Weeping Reaper Blood Orange Helles Bock is available in GLSs and LRSs in 650ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $5.50. It can be ordered from the LDB using SKU #850370. It will also be available on draught in select pubs and restaurants. Follow us on Twitter @DeadFrogBrewery for details.

from bomber:

Bomber Brewing is very pleased to announce the re-release of our Absolute Horizon CDA which recently took first place in Sip Magazine's, 'Best of the Northwest 2014' CDA category.  Absolute Horizon is available now in 650ml bottles, kegs, and on tap in our tasting room. Quantities are limited.

ABSOLUTE HORIZON Cascadian Dark Ale:  In space, at the boundary of a black hole, lies
the absolute horizon. The stellar mass that lies within forms a dichotomous darkness of
Midnight wheat and chocolate malts punctuated by the presence of Galaxy, Apollo, Comet, & 
Horizon hops. This perfectly balanced CDA might just be a universal favourite. So say we all.
About Absolute Horizon:
Appearance: Blackish-brown with dark ruby highlights.
Flavour: The space-themed hop combination presents a citrusy/spicy hop flavour and bitterness,
with slight roastiness from Midnight wheat and chocolate malts.
Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied.
ABV = 6.5%
Original Gravity = 1.067
Bitterness = 72 IBU
Colour = 26 SRM

I, BRAINEATER Pumpkin Ale: What does Vancouver musician and artist Jim Cummins 
(a.k.a. I, Braineater) have in common with pumpkins? Answer: this beer. And we may seem 
late to the game, but the pumpkins we harvested from Abbotsford's Lepp Farm make this rich, 
flavourful ale well worth the wait. With distinct Tettnang hops, a touch of spice, and a label
featuring Jim's iconic, 'Devil Girl', we think this could just be your perfect Halloween beer.  
It's a no-brainer. 

About I, Braineater Pumpkin Ale:
Appearance: Earthy orange hue with creamy white head.
Aroma: Classic pumpkin pie aromas of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. 
Flavour: Roasted pumpkin adds depth of flavour, with notes of biscuit and noble hops 
on the finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with medium-high carbonation.  A clean, dry finish.
ABV = 5.8%
Original Gravity = 1.056
Bitterness = 20 IBU
Colour = 11 SRM
   I, Braineater Pumpkin Ale is available now in kegs,
   650 ml bottles and on tap in the 
   Bomber Brewing tasting room. 


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