well hello there 2013!

new year, new direction
i will be doing away with some of the things i've been doing on this blog
those things that seem to just be taking up space, like the beer geekery posts i put up on weekends
they were fun, but i'm feeling like they cluttered up the blog - made it harder to scroll through to find actual content
so they have been discontinued, buh-bye, gone

i will probably be posting less frequently as well
but the plan is that when i post it will be ever so informative and brilliant
and you'll be riveted by my every word

in the meantime...
its january
that means i'm doing my annual cleanse
yup, a whole month without beer
(and many, many other tasty substances)
day three... i haven't yelled at or hit anyone yet, so there's hope for us all...
i even went out with people who were drinking really good beer last night and didn't buckle
i am ever so virtuous
aren't you impressed?


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