well, there's a week of my life gone
stupid sickness
hateful cold

i am back at the day job today
after taking most of last week off to sit around the house feeling lousy and very sorry for myself
i am a terrible patient
good thing the only person trying to nurse me back to health was me!

mixed feelings about my tenure as camra vancouver treasurer coming to an end
at the agm yesterday i handed over all the trappings of fiscal responsibility to the new treasurer
on the one hand, big sigh of relief
its a very time-consuming job being on the executive
even after handing over half of the job to a bookkeeper it was still a few hours a week of work
and the new guy is an accountant, i have left the books in very good hands
on the other hand, a little melancholy
i liked being able to give back to an organization i believe in
i liked being in the know
i liked hanging out with my fellow camra executive members

oh, i'll still volunteer at camra events
and i still know all the wonderful camra members and executive
it just won't be quite the same
change is good
but so is acknowledgment of things passed and what they meant to us


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