legacy liquor store

friday afternoon (4:00 - 7:00) at legacy liquor store in vancouver, a free tasting of american brewing's breakaway ipa and blonde beers - i'll be there!

new and exciting beers available at legacy:

Moon Under Water Potts Pils Unfiltered - $6.95
New owners, new brewmaster, new beer, new brewery. First on the docket, Potts Pils, an unfiltered hop-conscious beer brewed in the style of a northern German pilsner. Grab it while it lasts.
Epic Hop Zombie - $10.35
Coming all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, Hop Zombie is a Double IPA with punch. Zesty citrus and tropical fruits on the nose and more of the same with a touch of malt on the palate. Pick up a bottle and put a little Kiwi in you.
Epic Epicurean Coffee & Fig - $22.55
Another brew from the boys at Epic inspired by all the creatives out there: dark chocolate, molasses and fig account for the nose, with black liquorice, coffee, fig, vanilla and so much more making up the palate. These guys know what they're doing.
Tofino Brewing Company Tuff Session Ale - $7.05
Afraid to brave that mountain pass? Don't worry, we'll bring Tofino to you. This Tuff Session Ale is copper in colour, with notes of caramel and nuts on the nose. A malty flavour with subdued bitterness creates a truly sessional ale.
Oude Gueze Tilquin a l'Ancienne - $18.85
Created by blending together one, two and three-year-old oak-aged lambics, this gueze boasts barnyard funk, citrus and green apple on the nose with a sour, dry finish.
Powell Street Hopdemonium IPA - $8.85
A new brewery on the scene and a new beer to enjoy. Heavy pine and floral notes backed up with some citrus on the nose, with bitter and earthy hops to taste. An absolute jewel of an IPA.


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