i am totally a paragon of virtue
i am still on the wagon, but attending beer events as if i was drinking!
2 cask nights, a beernesday and the r&b '2013 is gonna be great' brewery party - all in one week
so i thought perhaps i'd take a moment to pat myself on the back
and list the pros of being dry from time to time

1.  the obvious - no hangovers
2.  leading from #1, more hours in the day to get stuff done and have fun
3.  my rings are never tight on my fingers - no retaining water!
4.  my liver gets a well-deserved little break
5.  my taste buds get a chance to recalibrate
6.  people are impressed by my will-power
7.  hopefully those same people will buy me a drink in february
8.  i'll lose a couple of pounds and fit back into my beer t-shirts
9.  if i had a car, i'd be able to drive it home every night!
and 10.  that first beer on february 1st is going to taste sooooooo good!


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