alcohol and cancer

oy vey - another study linking high alcohol consumption to developing cancer
click here for the bbc article

i have some questions about this study though
if they are blaming the sugars in alcohol for affecting our dna resulting in cancers
has anyone studied the effect of other sugars on the cancers?
could not increased cancer diagnoses be blamed on modern society's love of all things sugar? 
when you can't even buy canned vegetables without sugar in them i think that perhaps beer is not our biggest source of sugars
i want a double blind study!
or whatever the proper scientific term is for someone doing research on people who only drink alcohol and avoid other sugars versus the "heavy" drinkers who eat crap as well
additives, preservatives, genetically modified foods - something tells me these must cause more cancers than lovely delicious beer with only four ingredients!

and don't even get me started on the different guidelines for what constitutes heavy drinking in men and women - could we maybe not be so ready to assume that women are tiny and men are large?
a man smaller than me can have 3-4 drinks with impunity?  while i'm only allowed 2-3?
who came up with that math?

more on this another time
because it is something i have spent a fair bit of time contemplating because of the colon cancer that runs in my family...


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