st. augustine's

st. augustine's will no longer be the venue for beernesday
they have decided that even though at least 12 people have been showing up there every single wednesday night since september
ordering food and multiple beers
that during hockey play-off season they will not take reservations

well fuck you st. augustine's
that's how you repay my loyalty?

thanks but i'll find someone else who actually appreciates my business
even if it means having to travel a little further from my home to do so

anyone got any suggestions for a craft beer serving establishment in vancouver who would happily accept a group of 12 every wednesday at 7:00 until 11:00 from september through april?
i'm taking applications


  1. alibi won't take a reservation of over 10 people according to their website and answering machine - i am awaiting a call back to see if there's wiggle room on that number... fingers crossed!


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