citra ipa

i love the dead frog citra ipa
yes, oh yes i do!
it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
just like a good hoppy beer should
and for that i am eternally grateful!

i have had this elixir on tap at places like st. augustine's
and purchased the big ole bottles from specialty beer stores
and i like it all!

the bottle says:
dead frog citra ipa is a high hopped, high alcohol, high bitterness true ipa that is like an invigorating open handed slap of citrus awesomeness!!!
you hold in your hands the pinnacle of brewing innovation.  beermaster series is a harmonious combination of premium quality beer and ingenious flavour design.  we bestow upon you the finest beer in the universe!  cheers!

i'm bummed that it is only a limited release
but i guess they sure did leave me wanting more!
and i hear that maybe, just maybe it will be popular enough to make it into regular rotation
is my love strong enough??

for the brewed awakening story on the citra ipa, click here

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Beer Fact of the Day: The Citra hop is a very new American hop w/parentage from Hallertau Mittelfruh, East Kent Goldings, & others. High alpha & strong tropical fruit aromas & flavors (mango, papaya, & pineapple). Typical alpha: 10-12%. Look for it as a dry hop in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.


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