double decker ipa

while at rogue wetbar the other day i tried me a pint of vancouver island brewing's double decker ipa
i wasn't sure it was actually an ipa though
my poor taste buds have become accustomed to the uber-hoppiness
and now have trouble appreciating a less monsterously hopped india pale ale

vib says:  It will be a British style IPA, so more malt character, a little darker in colour, but still having a strong hop presence in aroma and bitterness (this will come from Cascade hops purchased from the Pacific Northwest). It will also be 6.5% ABV."

i says:  malty yes, but i'm not finding the strong hop presence... more like a pale ale if you ask me

did i like it?  sure, its a lovely little beer
it just won't make it anywhere near my revolving and evolving top ten ipas list
(but if you do the math, very few beers can actually make it to my top ten...)

my original hope had been to try the rogue brewing cap'n sig's northwestern ale, but rogue wetbar was out of it... (and boy its not easy blogging about drinking rogue the beer at rogue the bar without getting confusing)
i thought a red more appropriate to have before a tasting dinner than an ipa
the double decker was the featured ipa and made a natural second choice
and lucky for me and my desire not to overhop my palate before a beer pairing dinner, it wasn't a hop monster!


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