i asked a friend who is into herbs and naturalism to do a little hops research for me
this is what she came up with:

"Totally fascinating!

What I could gather is that boiling the hops does not counteract their medicinal properties. It seems in old remedies, the hops would be boiled into teas. So, like most herbs and plants it actually brings out more of its benefits. This makes a beer like a large tincture! It is just a highly concentrated amount of the plants that go into making it, and the alcohol is going to help preserve the properties and allow the body to absorb it a bit more.

The only thing that I could see thwarting the benefits, is if the brewer adds extra additives or preservatives, uses non-natural sources of the plant, or if the beer has too high an alcohol content.(in which case the body doesn't absorb, the liver actually starts to fight the affects).

I also found that hops can give their medicinal properties whether dry or boiled. People would fill a pillow with dry hops to as a natural sleep aid."


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