a little bit of catch up

the cask last night at the railway club was central city's pumpkin ale
it was quite a nice pumpkin ale
is it too early in the season to be over the pumpkin?

and speaking of the lovely railway club, if you ever frequented that joint you would have been served by the fabulous natasha
well, she has retired from slinging beer at the railway
and there's a party in her honour on sunday at 5
come out and hoist a glass to this wonderful woman

bc beer blog reports that a few victoria beers are ready for release
including hoyne's wolf vine ipa and driftwood's sartori harvest ipa, both wet-hopped

a couple of pieces of gossip as well:
there will be a new beer and vodka distributor in town
official announcement coming shortly, but i can tell you oregon beers will be featured

this bit of news is unsubstantiated...
steamworks is opening a new brewery
i would assume to brew their bottled beers and restaurant beers currently being brewed off-site
makes sense to me
i look forward to finding out the details!


  1. Thanks for linking my post in the BC Beer Blog, to clarify Wolf Vine is a wet hopped pale ale, not an IPA. I had it yesterday and it is exquisite.


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