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from the beer thirst newsletter:

So believe it or not, summer is almost over. Luckily, the Great Canadian Beer Festival is this weekend, which will be plenty of craft beer fun under the sun. But before you head out to Victoria for 2 days of craft beer madness, you're gonna need a little "warm up." So instead of scaring the s@%t out of your liver on Friday, ease your way into GCBF. Join us the night before at St. Augustine's for the Half Pints relaunch party on Thursday September 6th!

The party starts at 6pm, and St. Augustine's will be serving the Humulus Ludicrous, Little Scraper IPA, and Noche De Los Alebrijes. Half Pints co-owner, Nicole Barry, will be in attendance, and we'll be giving away plenty of Half Pints swag! The first 7 people to order a Half Pints beer and tell the server "Together We Can Fight The Evil Spread Of Lite Beer" will win a Half Pints shirt or a $50 Gift Certificate to St. Augustine's!

For those of you who don't know, Half Pints is based out of Winnipeg Manitoba, and they produce great beers.
Our next shipment from Elysian is looking pretty awesome! The Derby Girl IPA (the Van Brewers/Elysian collaboration beer from our home brew contest) is on this order and will be available soon. We'll be launching it on Friday Sept.14th at Pumphouse Pub at 7:30pm. The winner of the contest, Ian Heathcock will pour the first pint. Then on Monday Sept 17th, St. Augustine's will be launching the Derby Girl IPA. Being that it's Monday, we'll also tap a cask of the Elysian/Ninkasi collaboration beer! It's a Pumpkin IPA brewed with fresh pumpkin, Sorachi Ace and Motueka hops.

We have more than 1 cask of the Elysian/Ninkasi collaboration IPA so make sure you follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook to find out where we will be tapping this beer.

This year, our friends at Elysian Brewing have given us some great beers from their "12 Beers of the Apocalypse" and "Manic IPA" series. Well, it looks like they have more tricks up their sleeves. This year we will have 4 different pumpkin beers from Elysian! We will have the Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, The Great Pumpkin Ale, Dark O' The Moon Pumpkin Stout, and Hansel and Gretel Pumpkin Pilsner! It's gonna be a great Halloween because we're gonna have these beers in kegs and bottles.

Wanna win a Half Pints shirt? Tweet "@Beerthirst is bringing in @HalfPintsBrewCo from Winnepeg!" to be entered into a random draw.


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