my non-exhaustive gift buying guide for the beer geek in all of us:

if your beer lover has a favourite beer:

-check out the private liquor stores for branded glassware gift packs
legacy liquor store in Olympic Village suggests:  Sam Smith’s 3 bottles plus a glass for $20, $88.50 for 6 bottles of Westvleteren plus 2 glasses, $11.95 for 2 tall cans of Tiger and a glass,  Chimay – red, white, and blue caps with a glass $18.85, St. Ambroise Discovery pack – $14.95 2 beers and a glass, Lindemann’s -  $15.95 two beers and a glass

-go online and see if the brewery has swag for sale - tshirts, bottle openers, beer cozies, etc.
Dead Frog has tees, hoodies, hats, cozies, underwear and bottle openers for sale in their on-line shop and at the brewery in Aldergrove.  If  you order online in the next couple of days, there is still time to receive your order before Santa arrives.
Stone Brewing in California will ship you a pub light for $50, plus shipping and handling, but how can you put a price on having branded lights for your home bar?  They also have wallets, dog accessories, soap, candles, towels, you name it, they’ve branded it!

-get them a membership to a beer of the month club – join online and they send you a beer every month via mail
or a membership to a beer tshirt of the monthclub – join online and they send you a beer tshirt every month and best of all if you join right now, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, the shipping is free!

if you want to shop local this season:

- check out craft sales for handmade beer cozies
- go to the brewery to purchase swag or a growler

wanna get something crazy or interesting, and have a few extra minutes on your hands?

-do what the beer wench suggests and google "beer" or "beer gifts" to see all the wonderful, and sometimes wacky, search results like:
beer and food pairings calendar on etsy for $24
also on etsy, beer soap and bottle openers
(or just visit

-search the interwebs for wall mounted bottle openers – make sure you never misplace the opener again!
go for branded ones or fancy ones

- go to a craft store and get them scrapbook for their label collection or a decorative box for their coaster collection

is your beer geek a new beer geek? 

-you can't go wrong with a taster pack from the liquor store
Granville Island, Parallel 49, Okanagan Springs all have taster packs out right now that include a seasonal beer plus their regular offerings
or walk on the wild side with an Innis & Gunn pack of 4 beers including rum cask, pale ale, original whiskey beers for $18

-visit your local u-brew shop and design your own beer by adding hops to a beer kit
or go whole hog and get someone all the basic gear for homebrewing for about $75

need a hostess gift?

-take a bottle of fancy schmancy beer!  maybe something to cellar like a barley wine or a sour, or something seasonal to open right away. 
take them a brooklyn brewing local 1, its a belgian style strong pale ale and comes with a cork. now that's fancy

-get a growler and fill it on your way to the party, fresh beer to drink that night and a lovely growler for them to keep and fill forever more
-books!  give the gift of literacy!
So much choice – from the text-book “Tasting Beer” by randy mosher to guides of pacific northwest pub crawls to anecdotal histories of beer to picture books of beer labels, there’s a beer book for everyone!

stocking stuffers:

-you could put a beer in there…

-gift certificates to pubs like biercraft – who will give you a gift card for everyone you buy for someone else ($10 for $50 or $20 for $100)

-key-chain bottle openers

-playing cards

-beer bottle cap tree ornaments
and the list could go on forever, but i have to go and drink some beer now!


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