rogue in richmond

the beerthirst rogue tour de richmond was a whole lotta fun!
the concept alone guaranteed a good time:  rogue beers paired with a sandwich at every stop
with a school bus to get you from pub a to pub b (c, d and e)

first stop:  hogshack
beer:  st. rogue red ale
sandwich:  sliders with kimchi and spicy carrots
(my veggie option was a beet and quinoa patty)
pairing:  it worked, the spicy toppings with the rich red ale worked like a charm - the judges chose this as the best pairing

the meat slider (and beer)

the awesome veggie slider 
second stop:  buck and ear
beer:  cpt. sig's northwest pale ale
food:  halibut, prawn and shrimp tacos with mango salsa, fried potatoes
pairing:  to be honest, i was so much all about the amazing flavours bursting in my mouth while eating the taco that i forgot to drink my beer with it, but this pairing won the people's choice, so it musta pleased people!  damned delicious fish taco.  if it's not currently on the menu, they should put it on

most wonderful fish taco with mango salsa and fried potatoes

third stop:  sharkey's in ladner
beer:  dead guy ale
food:  donut burger with popcorn
pairing:  first, lemme talk about the food... a glazed donut for a bun... coulda been genius, but tomatoes and onions on the burger?  nope, didn't work.  and it was tooooo sweet to be paired with a lager.  the only miss of the afternoon.  but they did give us a parallel 49 lost souls milkshake to put smiles back on our faces

veggie version of the donut burger 
lost souls milkshake
fourth stop:  o'hare's
beer:  rogue ipa
food:  spicy chicken filo roll or spicy prawn for the veggies
pairing:  ipa and spicey, yeah that rocks!

prawn filo wraps

fifth stop:  pumphouse
beer:  yellow snow ipa
food:  vietnamese subs - meaty or prawn with cilantro
pairing:  again, ipa and spicy goes very nicely.  mine wasn't hot spicy so much as it was herby with the cilantro, and it paired very well, not to mention was insanely delicious!  again, if they're not on the menu, they should be

the meaty vietnamese sub
the prawn vietnamese sub
overall, it was a very successful bus trip
good food, tasty beers, cheerful people
well organized
yup, i'll go on the next one!!


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