got some extra funds kicking around?
why not pledge it to a fledgling brewery via kickstarter?
let me save you the trouble of finding one!  i got this email a couple of days ago:

I'm Matej from Slovenia, a homebrewer, beer lover and beer writer for Vino (wine) magazine. As winemaking is common in Slovenia, craft breweries seem not to follow this trend despite having one of the best hops in the world. You might heard about Styrian Golding, rumor has it monks at infamous Westvleteren use it in their beers.
I decided to start a craft brewery to spread the word about craft beer under family name Pelicon. My team of young talents from different professions and I launched a project on Kickstarter to crowdfund part of startup cost. Accidentally we became the first brewery in Europe who did this.
Would you be kind enough to take a look and share the project with your fans or mention it on blog? That would help us a lot. As you know, beer is better with friends. So to kick start this project we need a lot of nice people.

Here's the link:


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