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Instigating a Trainwreck

Just in time for the Holidays

December 3rd, 2012 -- As the calendar turns to the darkest month of the year and the mercury continues to plummet, craft beer lovers are looking for something to help insulate from the extremes of the season.

To that end the Instigator Doppelbock is crawling out of his snowy mountainside cave after a year of hibernation. He's ready to toast the season with a beer packed with full-roasted flavour and featuring a proud, deep amber body.

Trainwreck Barley Wine is also rumbling down the tracks back to your local liquor store. Lightly carbonated and full of rich malt sweetness to warm you from the inside out, this year's vintage was barrel-aged in Kentucky bourbon oak, adding even more warmth and complexity to a brew as dark as your late afternoon walk home from work.

Both releases can be found at your favourite craft-friendly private liquor store while quantities last, and there will be a free tasting at the brewery on Wednesday December 5th from 4-6pm! See you there!
Here's a little something to stoke your boiler. This year's barley wine is full of rich malt flavours and aged in bourbon barrels. Mildly carbonated, Trainwreck should be served at cellar temperature (8C). Careful not to derail your caboose.
Doppelboks were the original liquid bread, intended to sustain monks through their feasts of advent and lent. The Instigator has complex character with toasted flavours, rich aromas, a deep hue and a full body. This time when you open your mouth you'll be able to finish what you started!
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