for some people this is a super busy time of year
not so much for me
i'm without family in this province so when i get some time off work over the holidays, the time is my own
i will admit to spending a lot of it in front of the tv catching up on series that i don't normally have time to watch, and gluttonously consuming all manner of movies, 90% of which i dust off every year around this time because i love them

so what does this have to do with you?
well, i am also trying to catch up on some things i have let slide over the past couple of months
to put some check marks on my to do list
and one of those items on my list is to review's electronic version of one of the best beer books around, randy mosher's tasting beer
i have extolled the virtues of this book in previous posts
and to anyone who will listen to me
so let's just go with the fact that i own the paper version of this book, have read it cover to cover, and use it as a resource for specific information on a regular basis
i like this book
i find it a very well-written and useful resource on all things beer

inkling's electronic version of the book looks just like the paper version
it follows the same chapter set up, has all the same quotes and photos
so if you already own the paper version, why would you need the electronic version?
well, you don't NEED it in the strict sense of the word
but you know, if you happen to have a fancy iphone or ipad to load it on, it becomes a travelling resource
and that is very useful to the beer geek

there are hyperlinks and definitions to click on
you can mark it up and search it
heck, you can even join a study and discussion group
so you're getting a little more than you can in a paper version
and that is why, if you have the book you should also get yourself the online version
if you don't already have the book, why not get the online version?
it's only $12.99

i happen to love books, the kind made of paper
so i am in no way suggesting that ebooks are superior to good old physical books
i am saying that electronic books are wonderful in their own way
and a text book in particular is a great resource when it's electronic


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