300 beer list

i didn't realize that there were themed nights for the three 300 beer list celebration nights at the alibi room
its true!
monday night was "sour, belgian and european style, cider & experimental"
tuesday night was "stouts, porters & wee heavys"
tonight will be "hop forward ales, barley wines and winter ales"

fortunately for me, when i attended last night's festivities, there was still some of the central city chipotle ipa left in the cask.  so i had me some!
and it was delicious!
not as peppery as the rogue chipotle ale, but just as smokey, and in my humble beer opinion, ipa is the perfect conduit for chipotle
smelled amazing!  tasted great!

of tuesday's casks i managed to taste tariq's imperial stout and vern's imperial stout 300
i had vern's early on when i still had taste buds
tasted like a session beer, but lord, its an imperial - beware
i couldn't really taste the cocoa nibs and curacao orange peel
it was tasty, but not overly flavourful
tariq's i had last when i may not have had enough taste buds left to appreciate it
everyone else was ooooohing and aaaaahing over it (as generally one should with tariq's beers)
but i wasn't getting much out of it
i had hoped to try it beside the keg version as well, but that keg had run dry before i could
oh well, it was probably wasted on me by that point, alas

i tried some of gary's bourbon aged imperial porter
glad i didn't have to drink a whole 10oz of it - its just too boozey for me!
but everyone else was extolling its virtues!
i also tried a little of boundary bay's imperial oatmeal stout
i was getting citrus and fruit from this one, not oatmeal
interesting and not at all what i was expecting!

touted to be the last of the last of the last of the last,
i had a whole 10oz of the megadestroyer
me, i love black licorice, so i always look forward to some megadestroyer
this batch though had another flavour in there
not sure what it is... it isn't coconut, it isn't burnt vanilla, but its on the same road as those flavours
it intrigued me all night long!

the rocket to russia had run dry before i got to it
way to go matt and danny!

and i managed to get a little bit of the abyss too
that's one heavy mo'fo'!  i'm not worthy of a whole one!

i began my evening at the railway club with a pint of cask blackstone porter
and what a great way to start an evening of stouts and porters
outta the park hit, that one!

nice to see the deschutes and american beerthirst guys in attendance at the alibi!
not to mention the rest of the local beer folks


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