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from the camra vancouver newsletter:

Hello everyone,

2011 is coming to a close in a few days, but what a great year it's been for craft beer and real ale in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland! More and more liquor stores, pubs, and restaurants are beginning to carry a wide selection of craft beer, and it's even creating quite the buzz in the mainstream. It's not just beer bloggers typing away about the great beers in BC because we saw business magazines, to major newspapers, etc publish plenty of articles about the local craft beer scene. Vancouver Craft Beer Week was jam packed with events this year, and we even had BC Craft Beer Month! Last but not least there's been some great collaborations between brewers and breweries as well.
As far as real ale goes, this year we saw more establishments on board with the weekly/monthly cask program. But what's really exciting is that we now have 6 different restaurants that serve real ale on a daily basis! This year The Whip, both Biercraft locations, and The Cascade Room hooked up a cask engine. It seems like as the craft beer scene began to establish itself, the future for real ale in Vancouver began to look quite promising. There were plenty of cask festivals this year, and for a lot of us, they were the most memorable moments of 2011.
2011 was a fantastic year, and 2012 is looking even brighter by the way things are coming along. We have new breweries expecting to open up in the new year, as well as craft beer forward pubs and liquor stores. We will definitely keep you posted about that.
As for CAMRA Vancouver, it was also a very good year for us, and we now have 558 members! Our goals are still the same however our approach will be a little different next year focusing more on education. Members make sure to keep Sunday January 22nd free, and join us at Smiley's Public House for the CAMRA Vancouver AGM! Have you RSVP'd yet?
Just a reminder that on New Year's eve The New Oxford and Central City Brewing will have casks at their celebration. Also, Pumphouse Pub and Beerthirst will be hosting a 7 course beer dinner.
As always, please drink responsibly, know your limit, plan ahead, and don't drink and drive.
Leo Nomoto
Editor, CAMRA Vancouver


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