beernesday tasting notes

phew!  all caught up now!

november 2, 2011
big al harvest ale - 5.4% four pounds per barrel of fresh yakima sorachi ace hops offer big citrus and fresh lemon flavors and aromas which we paired with deeply refined malt flavors mark this rich and warming medium-bodied amber ale
lovely!  love the sorachi ace!  very rich and full-bodied
elysian bifrost winter ale - 7.5% taste is bold and balanced with a good amount of citrus and earthy hop bitters to offset the malt character
yes, yes, yes!
crannog insurrection ipa - 5.4% a pale amber malt body emphasizes munich and caramel malts, with enough sweetness to hold up the rather large volumes of fresh cascade and golding hops
light malt with perfect hoppiness, not my favourite ipa but such a joy to drink!
big al brougham bitter - 5.5% english-style pale and crystal malts combined with aromatic, floral english hops create a smooth, balanced medium-bodied beer
very english, but nicely hopped
big al ipa - 7.1% chinook, cascade and glacier provide bitterness, assertive citrus fuit and earthy hop flavors, and the long lip smacking finish to this delicious ipa
yes, very assertive citrus batman, almost too citrusy...

november 16, 2011
russell brewing marzen - 5.5% marzen is a copper-coloured lager with rich, toasted malt aroma balanced by the clean bitterness of german hops and distinct noble hop aroma
paired nicely with nachos, me likey!
big al harvest ale - see above
maltier than i remembered, not how i wanted to end my night
elysian men's room red - 5.6% amber in color with a light hop aroma and toasty malt finish
too malty after my hoppy ipa choices, but i still love it!
rogue brutal bitter ipa - 5.8% an imperial bitter with exotic traditional floor malts, citrusy, hoppy flavor, stupendous hop aroma
delightful! glad to see it back!
new belgium ranger ipa - 6.5% this clear amber beauty bursts at the starting gate with an abundance of hops: cascade (citrus), chinook (floral/citrus), and simcoe (fruity) lead off the beer, with cascade added again for an intense dry hop flavor
i love this one!!!

november 30, 2011
i was not feeling my oats this week (or is that my barley?)
rogue mcrogue scotch ale - 8.2% deep copper in colour, caramel aroma, rich malty flavour with a roasted malt background
i found it quite caramely and damned fine, even if i couldn't finish it
taylor's crossing mad scow stout - 4.2% a dark irish ale having a rich, roasted coffee bitterness and a smooth creamy finish
i got very sweet coffee and a thinner finish... not sure what all the fuss is about on this beer
but that could have just been my general malaise speaking
deschutes jubelale - 6.7% a dark, malty celebtation ale with layered flavors and beautifully balanced hopping
again, maybe it was just my malaise, but i found this one very barleywinesque and not to my liking
north coast beer engine red - 5.5% a cask conditioned version of red seal ale.  malt and hops are beautifully married in this full-bodied, copper-red pale ale
i found it rather thin and murky, all at the same time
but all in all it was a lovely little red ale
cannery wildfire ipa - 6% this unique dark ipa is an intricate and exciting blend of hops, coupled with a rich malt foundation producing this fine ale with a complex character, dark colour and lingering hop finish
i do like this one - so dark and hoppy and satisfying
wish i'd felt better and could have had another!


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