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tis the season...

Shhh... you're reading too loud. Stop typing typing in in double double. It's that time of year again. It's the holiday season and the drinking is easy. Prevention may be better than a cure, but when that plan fails, Yelp's here to help. So stop spinning and focus on these sure-fire hangover helpers. Because we can't always be the sensible ones, now can we?

After a night of heavy drinking, comfort food is key. Remedy your lethargy at La Belle Patate with Edward L, and order the all-you-can-eat poutine. He warns: "If you value your life, don't go for this. It's suicide. But at least you will die happy." For Aaron S, it's all about choice when battling a hangover: "What are you craving right now? Duffin's Donuts has it. Just looking at the menu makes your brain melt!" But Danny C had a few too many, but gets fixed up with a breakfast burger from Save On Meats where "the biscuit is off-the-chain!" He admits he'll be "nursing many hangovers at this fine establishment." Farewell, fatigue!

Some proclaim soup to be the ultimate elixir, and on a gnarly morning-after, pho from Le Do is the perfect hangover cure. With one slurp, Simon K opines, "The noodles are cooked just right," and "the broth has a hint of sweetness, and saltiness from the beef." But Emily-Anne P has the secret "recipe for the perfect hangover food" – a steamy bowl of pho from Royal. An added bonus? You get a "meal for under $10." Steer us in their direction. Alex K feels the medicinal effects at Pho Linh. "Pour in half a bottle of Sriracha," he ensures, "It's straight-up comfort food." Word.

But let's get real here. Let's get Vancouver on this crapulence. With a "mandate to use locally-grown or organic fruit and vegetables," The Juice Truck rehydrates Daniel L back to his former self. And it's pure fruity-sugar that does it for bleary-eyed Vincci L: "Juice Caboose couldn't have come at a better time. Smooth and packed with fruit, it's the perfect thirst-quenching healthy drink." If you're like Purdy J and "need an energy boost, detox or are just recovering from a cold or hangover," then sip on a tonic smoothie from Sejuiced. Sounds delicious in a way only the hungover Vancouverite can understand!


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